For high school students in the US, high school results are extremely important because high scores and rankings will give them an advantage in university admission.
Schools must consider each individual profile, considering academic ability, extracurricular activities and many other priority factors depending on the program of study.
According to experts, missing the orientation session, forgetting to change money or just making friends with fellow countrymen... are common mistakes made by first-year international students.
Parents should choose an international program IB, A-Level or SACE according to their child's goals and tendencies to create the best foundation for the future.
The SACE International Baccalaureate Certificate is now recognized by many of the world's top universities, opening up valuable opportunities for students to study in this program.
Choosing too many difficult subjects, Trung could not study, causing the grade point average (GPA) to drop.
After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Minh Duc still won a full scholarship for a master's degree in Communication in the US thanks to 5 outstanding factors.
Dang Chau An (born in 1999, Hue), Bui Phuong Toan (born in 2002, Kien Giang) won scholarships from many American universities thanks to their own efforts and the support of EduPath.
Mr. Andy Luu founded Yes Study in Canada and attracted thousands of applications for support in the process of studying abroad and settling down after 7 years.
Understanding the law and legal aid addresses in Australia will help Vietnamese students avoid trouble when traveling, working part-time or renting a house...

This year 131 international organizations, from 73 countries, partnered with the PRA in Washington, D.C., and its Hernando De Soto Fellow Prof. Sary Levy-Carciente to produce the 17th edition of the IPRI..
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