Airbus sold more than 60 aircraft to two airlines, Japan and South Korea, in the context of rival Boeing reeling from a series of incidents.
To achieve growth goals, China wants to stabilize real estate and infrastructure, while investing in production and technology.
Japan's ending of negative interest rates could cause "zoombie" companies to close after a period of super loose monetary policy.
Many analysts are inclined to the scenario that gold prices will continue to move sideways and adjust this week, after a period of strong increases.
Prime Minister Li Qiang calmed investors' concerns about risks in real estate and local government debt, and said China would increase support policies.
The German economy's first-quarter recession slowed down as business confidence indicators increased beyond forecasts, compared to 'spring awakening'.
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers - the richest woman in the world - has just recorded assets reaching 100 billion USD.
The US currently holds more than 8,100 tons of gold, nearly as much as the next three countries, Germany, Italy and France, combined, according to data from the World Gold Association.
Next year's gold price could set a new record, as the US reduces interest rates, geopolitical tensions and central banks continue to buy.
Compared to the yuan recession in 2015, China has had a more skillful and groundbreaking way to stabilize its currency this year, according to Reuters.

This year 131 international organizations, from 73 countries, partnered with the PRA in Washington, D.C., and its Hernando De Soto Fellow Prof. Sary Levy-Carciente to produce the 17th edition of the IPRI..
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