According to Dr. Hoa Pham, each program has its own approach, students carefully consider choosing a program that suits their needs and development orientation.
In the process of learning about the conditions for studying abroad in some groups of schools and majors, did you notice a term called GMAT, or GMAT exam, GMAT score. So what is GMAT? Why do many disciplines and schools require you to have this certificate to be admitted, as well as one of the factors for successful scholarship?
Although I have more than 5 years working in the field of communication, I am quite inferior to GPA in college. When reading the articles online, I still see many people saying that low GPA will not have a chance to enter a good school. So I have repeatedly decided not to apply to the University of Amsterdam, where GPA requirements are very high.
In the process of mentoring and advising on scholarship hunting, one of the issues that many scholarship hunters are interested in asking him is how GPA scores play a role in scholarship hunting. To solve this question as completely and completely as possible, based on my own experience as well as talking to ASH students who received the scholarship, I wrote this article for hunters to learn. Scholarships refer and prepare for the job of his scholarship most effectively.
"What is a GPA?" and "Is it really necessary?" GPA is a problem many students intend to study abroad, especially to study and apply for study in the US. will help you answer the two questions above through the article below.
The Writing and Language section of the SAT requires you to be fluent in grammar and how to use English effectively. The Writing and Language section of the SAT requires you to be fluent in grammar and how to use English effectively. This section consists of 44 sentences in 35 minutes - you have less than a minute to complete each question. The following tips will help you overcome this section effectively.
A specific study plan is an individual plan that involves each step - from the beginning to the end. To get started, set the actual score. Then, use the target score to shape the learning. When coming to the American Study Center, students will be advised on the appropriate roadmap and exam preparation strategies to achieve the desired score in a short time. Some important skills, such as appropriate time management, may include skim skills for the Reading test, answering questions when you take the Writing and Language tests, skipping difficult questions and returning. again at the end of the Math test.
Knowing the skills tested in writing, understanding the format of the test, mastering grammar ... is what students need to note. For many students, SAT is an important part of the college admissions process. In fact, increasing SAT scores is entirely possible and there are many ways to help you achieve the desired. American Study offers 5 tips to help you improve your SAT writing score effectively.
From fall 2020, the ACT standardized test will have three changes that are considered beneficial to test takers when using the exam results to apply for college admission. ACT and SAT are two standardized tests used by most US universities to assess candidates during the admissions process. The ACT exam structure has four sections: English, Reading, Math and Science. In addition, candidates who choose ACT Plus Writing should take an additional Writing test.
Students can develop a plan to prepare for the SAT as soon as they receive the PSAT score and need to concentrate on studying. Since 2017, the PSAT test is designed to have content and format that closely adheres to the SAT, maximizes scores to 1,600 and is the required test before preparing for the SAT. Here are 3 steps to help candidates understand the score of PSAT and prepare effective tactics for the SAT.

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