Gym exercises help girls have a hot body

With exercises for the buttocks and thighs such as squats, romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, 30-year-old Bui Khanh Huyen maintains an hourglass body with a toned butt.

Huyen (Huyen Dior) is 1.68 m tall and is the owner of a gym. She said that the weakness that made her most self-conscious in the past was that she weighed only 46 kg, had a thin body, and had small buttocks and thighs.

Wishing to have a plump, firm butt, Huyen went to the gym by chance, 8 years ago. The skinny girl that year now has a hot figure and has become a famous female fitness trainer in Hanoi. She shares some exercises for the buttocks and thighs that, according to personal experience, are "never to be missed", including: Squat, romanian deadlift, hip thrust, glute kickback.

Squat is one of the important exercises, helping to build the best strength foundation for the buttocks and legs, making the buttocks and thighs naturally develop and firm. This is a stand-up - sit-down exercise that uses many different muscle groups in the body such as the thighs and buttocks.

Basic squat - the most basic movement that can be practiced at home, at the gym or anywhere. Huyen instructs the posture as follows: Chest shoulder-width apart, eyes looking straight, arms crossed in front of chest or locked in front of chest with shoulders, legs apart hip-width apart, knees and toes in the same direction. Begin to lower your body, bend your knees, slowly lower your body, focusing your body weight on your heels and hips. Return to the prepared position, tighten your thighs and abdomen, then lift your body up.

Squat, romanian deadlift, and hip thrust exercises effectively impact Huyen's gluteal and thigh muscles. Photo: Provided by the character

Romanian deadlift is a complex exercise that effectively helps develop the hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles. The movement is quite simple, stand straight, feet hip-width apart, hold the barbell with both hands, arms shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell at hip height, palms facing your body, knees slightly bent. Slowly lower your body, push your butt back, bend your back but still make sure your back is straight. Lower the dumbbells until the bar slightly passes your knees, then stop. Be careful not to let the weights touch the floor. Push your butt forward, lift your body up, and return to the starting position.

Hip thrusts affect many muscle groups, mainly the glutes, in addition to other muscle groups such as the calf muscles and hamstrings, according to Huyen.

The practitioner lies on his back on the mat, arms placed along the body on both sides, palms facing down on the mat, knees bent so that both feet are placed on the mat, legs hip-width apart. Press firmly on both heels to gain momentum to lift the body off the floor, then push the body up, lift the hips off the floor so that the back is straight, exhale, hold this position for 1-2 seconds. Slowly lower your body back to the starting position, inhale deeply.

Glute kickback is a reverse butt kick exercise, a fairly simple butt exercise that brings high results. To help promote the best effect, the practitioner kneels on the floor with an exercise mat to avoid knee pain, puts both hands on the floor and straightens and opens with the shoulders; Back straight and parallel to the floor, abdominal muscles tense, eyes looking forward.

Lift your right leg back and up until your thigh is in line with your back and your lower leg is perpendicular to the floor at the knee. Exhale as you do this. At the highest position of the movement, stop and tense your glutes, then slowly inhale and lower your legs to the starting position. Continue repeating the movement about 8-12 times and then switch legs and do it with the other leg.

Hourglass body with firm butt. Photo: Provided by the character

Huyen maintains training 4-5 sessions/week, each session about 60 minutes. In addition to butt and thigh exercises, Huyen also focuses on training the back muscles to help the body balance such as bent over row, lat pull down, supperman which are bending exercises, exercises with machines or stretching the lower back muscles. She said people who start going to the gym will see results in the first month and noticeable results after 3-6 months. The longer she practices, the more she accumulates knowledge and builds a systematic roadmap, combined with a nutritional regimen.

The girl does not follow any special diet. However, she has long established the habit of eating good nutritional groups, limiting bad fats, and quickly absorbing starch.

Previously, Huyen was often sick and weak. Since practicing, she is healthy and her body looks better every day. Currently, her measurements are 90-67-96 cm and weighs 58 kg. Thanks to her attractive appearance, Huyen Dior likes to wear bold, body-tight designs that maximize her body.

According to Huyen, the most difficult thing in exercising is that the practitioner needs to be persistent, maintain regularly, work hard, and not give up halfway. "Exercising fatigue is quite normal, but after feeling tired, your body will recover and you will feel better. The important thing is to understand your body, otherwise you will overexert yourself, overexert your muscles or get injured." ", she said and advised that beginners should seek guidance from trainers, online or many online sharing sources is also a good way.

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