Hunting cherry blossoms along Korea

Thanh Tuan and Phuoc Duy spent 9 days traveling through 5 cities from south to north of Korea to admire cherry blossoms in bloom.

Not only Japan, Korea is also entering the cherry blossom season. Visitors from all over the world flock to the land of kimchi, watching the flowers bloom in late March and early April.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan and Nguyen Phuoc Duy, living in Ho Chi Minh City, shared that this is their third visit to Korea, but the first time hunting cherry blossoms along this country. In 9 days, Tuan and Duy traveled from south to north, from Busan to Jinhae, Gyeongju, Daegu and ended their trip in Seoul. "Because the weather in the south is warmer, the flowers bloom earlier, so the journey has such a direction," Tuan said.

The male tourist shared that this is a self-sufficient trip, the 5-year visa is still valid, so just book air tickets, schedule, book hotels. The total cost of the trip for two people is about 30 million VND. In particular, round-trip airfare for 2 people is about 10 million, the cost of renting a hotel is about 5 million, the rest is for food and transportation.

"Me and Duy choose to travel by bus, subway, or public train, so the cost is very economical. The accommodation is also close to the bus station for easy travel. In addition, we choose traditional restaurants. Near the local market, the price is reasonable, the food is also fresh and delicious", Mr. Tuan said.

Photo taken at Oryukdo Park, Busan. This park is located on a coastal hill, featuring a carpet of daffodils and rows of cherry blossoms along the trekking path to the top of the hill.

The first two days, Tuan and Duy spent time in Busan. Busan weather is currently around 9-15 degrees Celsius, cold in the early morning and evening, cloudy, so it is not as clear as autumn. In Busan, Tuan and Duy mainly visit famous parks to see cherry blossoms including Daejeo Ecological Park, Oncheon-cheon Stream, Oryukdo Park and Samnak Ecological Park.

On the photo is a small road in Daejeo Ecological Park, where the peach blossoms are about 70-90% in bloom. This is a riverside park, with a large area, below is planted with cabbage, above is a walking path with ancient cherry trees.

The next day, two male tourists moved to Jinhae, the famous cherry blossom viewing spot in kimchi. On weekdays, this place is crowded after 10am. The old station Gyeonghwa Station Park is a place associated with the cherry blossom season in Jinhae. On both sides of the track are blooming cherry trees that attract tourists to admire and take pictures. In addition, in Jinhae, there are many other beautiful flower viewing spots such as Yeojwacheon stream, Jehwangsan park located on a high hill and Korea Naval Academy.

The two banks of Yeojwacheon stream are covered with blooming cherry blossoms.

Leaving Jinhae, Tuan and Duy moved to the ancient capital Gyeongju. Thanh Tuan shared that the cherry blossoms in the ancient capital Gyeongju bloomed the most beautifully in the places visited.

Gyeongju has an ancient scene with traditional houses. Fresh air, less traffic smog than urban centers. This is also the place where cherry blossom roads are most easily seen

"It can be said that this is a city of flowers. Many cherry trees in Gyeongju have begun to fall, the road surface is covered with petals. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, it's only cold in the early morning and there are times when the wind is strong." Thanh Tuan said.

After two days in Gyeongju, Tuan and Duy moved to Daegu, the fourth largest city in Korea, 85 km from Gyeongju. Tuan shared that the atmosphere in this city during the cherry blossom season has many similarities with Taipei (Taiwan). To see cherry blossoms in Daegu, visitors can visit E-World amusement center, Daegu Arboretum riverside park (pictured), Palgongsan mountain.

The last three days of the journey, Tuan and Duy spent time in Seoul. The two male tourists shared that the annual time for flowers to bloom between the two regions is about 2 weeks apart, but this year the weather in Seoul increased suddenly, so the cherry blossoms in the capital bloomed early. Currently, many cherry trees in Seoul are in the falling and dying stage due to rain.

The streets of Seoul are covered with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Arriving in Seoul on the right weekend, Tuan said that most public flower viewing places such as Yeouido Hangang park in the center (pictured) were full of people, most of them were couples, families having picnics, walking around the street to watch. flowers, enjoy the warm spring sun.

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