Many policies to support international students in Australia in the new normal

The Australian government spends 200 million USD for programs to support international students and issued a new policy to support visas, temporarily removing the limit on the number of overtime hours...

Information shared by a representative of the Australian Government Trade and Investment Agency - AusTrade at the online seminar "UniPrep - Going to university", episode 3 with the topic "Opportunities for Vietnamese students in Australia and Canada , New Zealand in the time of Covid-19", the evening of February 24.

Visa support for international students and graduates

To encourage international students to return and study, the Australian Government has recently issued new policies to support the issuance of visas for international students and graduates, including refunding visa fees for international students. Students arriving in Australia before March 19, providing free visas for students affected by Covid-19, replacing temporary visas for new graduates, extending the "stay and work" period and temporarily time to remove the limit on the number of overtime hours for international students.

From December 15, 2021, the Australian Government made a decision to welcome all international students when they have had two doses of the vaccine, and then Australia opened borders for tourist, business and tourist visa holders. other guests from 21/2.

Parents and students can visit the Study Australia website to learn more about vaccine regulations, procedures to enter states, as well as update the latest information on visas, regulations of each state and each territory. territory for international students, especially Vietnamese students.

Parents and students can visit the Study Australia website to learn more about vaccine regulations and procedures for entering states. Photo: Austrade

Equipping future career orientation tools

How to support students with the necessary tools and skill sets and ready to enter the workforce right after graduation is also Australia's strength.

Austrade has just introduced to the international student community the Study Australia Career Matcher to help you navigate your future career. This is a very powerful tool to assess the match between personality and personal strengths with the right career and potential Australian courses that can help you develop your competencies and work skills. Participants will receive a self-assessment document when using this toolbar on the Career Matcher website

According to Austrade, currently in Vietnam, there are representatives of nearly 40 Australian universities and educational institutions. With a strong and powerful network, you can learn more about the strengths, scholarship programs, and support programs for students of each school to be ready to find a job that matches your ability, passion, and experience. your passion for each school.

Flexible educational model

Facing the unpredictable developments of Covid-19, schools in Australia are now applying a flexible model in providing courses in Australia as well as in international destinations, creating maximum convenience for international students. .

The Study Australia course search bar is an Australian Government initiative that helps international students find the most suitable Australian education option even with limited travel.

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