USAThe Electric EEL plane traveled more than 2,200 km above California and landed with more than 2 hours of fuel and battery reserve remaining.
CHINAThe giant 18 MW turbine has a surface area equal to 9 football fields and has a diameter of up to 292 m.
The Long March 2F rocket carried China's experimental space plane from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on December 14 to conduct scientific experiments.
SAUDI ARABIAAl Naslaa is a massive solid rock that looks as if it was cut in half by a laser weapon. This is a great example of the forces of nature.
Okavango, a 20.46 carat oval blue diamond among the world's rarest, was discovered at the Orapa mine in Botswana,
Researchers have for the first time created a detailed map of the capital built by Genghis Khan in central Mongolia 800 years ago.
The Garamantes empire once flourished by using technology to exploit groundwater in the Sahara desert but fell into ruin when the groundwater dried up.
Chinese hairy crabs - an invasive species with an increasing number of individuals, so authorities advise people in the UK to report when they encounter them.
FRANCE Pesticide resistance and spread through travel make bedbugs a difficult problem for Paris authorities to completely solve.
Cold deserts, such as the Gobi Desert, are places with little rain and low temperatures in winter due to geographical features.

This year 131 international organizations, from 73 countries, partnered with the PRA in Washington, D.C., and its Hernando De Soto Fellow Prof. Sary Levy-Carciente to produce the 17th edition of the IPRI..
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