Scotch AGS will teach children to learn on their own

Dr John Newton, Principal of Scotch College Adelaide believes that it is at the core of Scotch AGS that teachers can inspire to promote self-study in students.

During the first opening ceremony of the South Australian School system - Scotch AGS in Ho Chi Minh City on September 5, the event marking the first time that the Australian school's hundred-year-old brand - Scotch College Adelaide was present in Vietnam, Dr. John Newton said that the way of teaching and learning from the Australian program to Vietnam requires many changes and adjustments to suit Vietnamese students. However, it is important that the students will develop the spirit of self-study.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening ceremony of Scotch AGS School on September 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Scotch AG

Attending the opening ceremony, Ms. Sarah Hooper, Australian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, expressed her delight at the closer relationship between Australia and Vietnam through the cooperation between Scotch College Adelaide and Scotch AGS. She believes that with an innovative and modern education from Australia, this will be an opportunity for Vietnamese students to acquire new knowledge, contributing to being a pioneer for new professions that will be discovered in the future. future.

The highlight of the training program at Scotch AGS is the use of the Australian national standard curriculum with the SACE diploma as the focus, with the goal of building a learning path for students to have the opportunity to enter universities. top 1% of the world. "With the motto of training each student to become a global citizen, leader and lifelong learner, Scotch AGS focuses on building self-study, self-discovery and research. right from the very first day," said the school representative.

Dr. John Newton delivered a speech and shared a message during the Scotch AGS opening ceremony on September 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: S cotch AGS

Dr. John Newton emphasized on the students' efforts and determination, upholding the spirit of self-study, self-responsibility and the desire to self-study and self-improvement. He told Scotch AGS students: "Find your strengths, your goals and your direction. Ask yourself what can I do, what can I achieve? They are very young and have a bright future. And once the goals have been identified, Scotch AGS will work with you to achieve them."

He further shared that the school's mission is to train global citizens with lifelong learning capabilities, so the school always creates conditions for children to freely explore and learn. and research. The most important thing, to achieve success, each student must work hard, listen to the teacher's guidance, study seriously to become the best version of himself.

Scotch AGS Principal Mr. Clive Swale also emphasized the importance of teachers in fostering students' ability to take initiative in learning: "Teachers are the backbone and role model of any student. They have a great responsibility to plan everything to the best of their knowledge. We use our skills, knowledge, character and ideals to create new ideas. talented students, possessing the capacity for lifelong learning".

Mr. Clive Swale, Principal of Scotch AGS speaking at the first opening ceremony of Scotch AGS in Vietnam on September 5. Photo: Scotch AG

At Scotch AGS, every teacher will be an example for students to follow. An excellent teacher will not only teach students to become better, but they will know how to inspire them to be proactive in their learning. “With their outstanding teaching ability, passion for the profession and possession of international professional qualifications, Scotch AGS teachers will make an important contribution to the training of the next generation of students, contributing to the continued success of our students. more motivation to study for the children on the upcoming path," the school's representative affirmed.

This year, Scotch AGS launched and put into operation its first facility in Phu Nhuan district. The remaining two campuses will continue to open in 2023, serving the learning needs of thousands of students in Vietnam.

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