The female MC's secret to staying in shape

Every day, MC Hai Yen, 30 years old, spends an hour at the gym, not only to improve her physical strength but also to help her have a toned physique and an "ant" waist.

Hoang Hai Yen is an editor and host (MC) at Vietnam Television. She won the Miss Vietnam Women's Award 2015, then turned to become a host. Yen is currently a familiar face of the 24h Motion newsletter.

On television, the female MC impressed the audience with her beautiful face, professional and charming hosting style. On her personal Facebook page with nearly 50,000 followers, Yen receives many compliments about her beauty and toned, balanced physique. Every day, she spends about an hour exercising at the gym as a habit.

MC Hoang Hai Yen. Photo: Provided by the character

In 2020, Yen's figure was very thin, lacking vitality, her three measurements were almost the same, so she decided to go to the gym to become healthier and more beautiful. Initially, Yen maintained 2-3 sessions a week. For the past year, she has practiced almost every day, alone or with a coach.

When first starting out, the female MC prioritized cardio exercises, which increase and control heart rate, help increase metabolism, burn excess fat and support blood circulation. As she got used to it, she started practicing resistance exercises. This is a form of using some resistance equipment to increase muscle strength and endurance, such as weights, bands, resistance bands. Yen's exercises are considered by herself to be quite heavy, with some weights weighing 100 kg.

According to experts, by applying pressure, your muscles are forced to work hard, thereby growing stronger. In addition to muscles, resistance training is considered a highly effective method of increasing strength and improving physical fitness.

Yen shared that the most difficult thing in training is that the practitioner needs to be persistent, maintain regularly, work hard, not give up halfway, especially the gym - a quite heavy subject. At first, she felt lazy to go to the gym like many people, and often suffered from muscle pain. Gradually as she got used to it, she became more and more passionate, always telling herself to practice hard and try her best to become more and more healthy and beautiful.

"Exercising fatigue is quite normal, but as your body recovers, you will feel better. It's important to understand your body, otherwise you will overexert yourself, overexert your muscles or get injured," she said and advised everyone to work with a trainer during heavy exercises. The reason is that if you practice by yourself following online videos, you risk making wrong movements, posture, ineffective effects on body parts, and even injury.

Yen is 1.72 m tall and weighs 60 kg, but thanks to the gym, the female MC's appearance is slim and toned.

"Looking from the outside, many people don't think I weigh 60 kg, because at this weight, my body usually looks very bulky, big and fat. However, thanks to the gym, my body looks very fit and balanced," Yen said.

The female MC's balanced and toned body. Photo: Provided by the character

Outside of the gym, Yen practices pitales to improve her overall health, experience new things and have the opportunity to discover her potential. Practicing pitales is also considered effective for keeping in shape and improving physical and mental health because this discipline focuses a lot on building core muscles, including back muscles, muscles around the abdomen and the abdominal muscles. thigh muscles.

Regarding nutrition, the female MC does not diet but eats a variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs with all 4 nutrient groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to have the strength to exercise. , tighten and firm muscles. However, she especially eats a lot of green vegetables, drinks a lot of filtered water and limits sweets and processed foods.

Besides exercise and nutrition, Yen has many tips for taking care of her health and beauty, especially going to bed early, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water. Possessing smooth white skin, Yen often goes for intensive skin care every week. Every day, she focuses on cleaning, applying masks to moisturize and restore her skin due to her job often requiring makeup.

"Exercise, nutrition and a scientific lifestyle make me feel more beautiful every day, so I'm always more confident and love life more," Yen said.

Yen is confident with many different fashion styles. Photo: Provided by the character

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