Tips when traveling to Australia

Planning, budgeting, booking hotels, buying air tickets early... can help visitors save and simplify their journey to the land of Kangaroo.

As one of the "most livable" countries in the world, Australia has always been a dream destination for tourists from all over the world. Here are things to keep in mind when you plan to visit this Oceania country.

Plan and budget early

Setting a budget for your trip will help you control your spending and avoid waste.

Based on your budget, plan as early as possible whether you choose to go on a tour or on your own. If you go on a tour, you will save more time when you do not need to care about travel and eating plans. If you decide to experience Australia on your own, you have to prepare from A to Z, from applying for a visa, booking air tickets, hotel rooms, preparing furniture and a list of fun places.

Currently, Vietnamese citizens can apply for an online visa to enter Australia at the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs when they need to travel, visit relatives or work.

Plan and budget before you travel to save money. Photo: Expatexplore

Choose the right time

Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, the weather in Australia will be opposite to that of countries in the northern hemisphere. Summer in Vietnam will be winter in Australia.

Kangaroo country has 4 seasons. Summer from December to February, suitable for swimming or surfing activities.

Autumn lasts from March to May, Australia is like wearing a new shirt when the leaves gradually turn red and yellow, the weather is cool.

Autumn landscape in Australia. Photo: Vijay Koul

From June to August is summer in many countries but it is winter here. The outdoor temperature at this time will only be about 4-5 degrees Celsius. At this time, there are not many tourists to Australia, so air tickets or hotels are "softer" prices. According to many people, this is the ideal time for those who want to experience a peaceful Australia and do not spend too much money on the trip.

Spring lasts from September to November. At this time, the weather is quite pleasant, with a bit of chill remaining. This period in Australia also takes place many festivals such as the Sydney Fringe festival, the festival of the wind, the night market food.

Jacaranda flowers, also known as purple phoenixes, bloom in mid-spring in Sydney. Photo: Time Out

Hunting for special tickets

Previously, flights from Vietnam to Australia would transit at one station, each flight time about 15-23 hours. Now, the time to Australia has been significantly shortened thanks to direct flights. Vietjet has a series of direct flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City with cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane without transit, taking only about 9 hours of flight with large aircraft A330.

With an extensive flight network and flexible flight hours, Vietjet connects for free via Ho Chi Minh City for tourists anywhere such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc... Accordingly, visitors only need to pay for international flights, completely free domestic connecting flights with many choices of flight times, combined with visiting new tourist destinations.

In order to give tourists the opportunity to travel economically, Vietjet has a series of preferential tickets to Australia from only 0 VND (excluding taxes and fees), suitable for those who like backpacking. The airline also offers SkyBoss Business and SkyBoss ticket classes with privileges such as luxury lounges, priority check-in, security gate, free change of flight itinerary, flight date, flight, insurance. Free travel, enjoy organic cuisine. Passengers experiencing SkyBoss Business ticket class will enjoy a private cabin, cocktail bar, bed to ensure comfortable relaxation during the flight.

Shopaholics, international students or relatives visiting relatives can also choose a Deluxe ticket with a new all-inclusive service up to 60 kg of checked baggage and many other incentives such as free change of flight, flight date. , cruise, free travel insurance, can choose seats, be served meals and drinks during the flight.

Buy souvenirs

If you want to buy gifts as gifts for relatives and friends after a trip, you can consider choosing Kangaroo teddy bears, Ugg boots and Akubra hats, wine, Tim Tam cakes, Vegemite butter or jewelry. Opal stone. These are typical Australian gifts.

The country of kangaroos has many things waiting for visitors to discover. However, to have the most complete travel experience, you should also learn carefully about identification documents and necessary items.

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