What happens if you wear jeans all day?

Jeans are like a reliable friend that gives you constant style and comfort, but wearing jeans for too long can cause negative effects on your health.

May hurt your feet

Wearing jeans all day can have an unexpected impact on your legs. Research by scientists at Khon Kaen University (Thailand) shows that jeans, especially those that are tight or have little stretch, can limit the range of motion of the lower body, making it difficult to walk. , footsore.

In addition, seams and fabrics create friction with the skin, and long periods of sitting or walking can lead to scratches or irritation on the feet. While it provides a stylish and timeless look, you need to be aware of the potential consequences for your foot health. You should consider buying good pants with comfortable materials for long-term wear.

Obstructing blood circulation

A 2022 study by scientists Hilary Swift and Bruno Bordoni (Western University of Health Sciences, USA) shows that tight jeans can put pressure on major blood vessels in the legs, such as arteries and veins. . Over time, this pressure can interfere with the natural flow of blood, leading to reduced circulation. This can lead to discomfort, numbness and even swelling in the legs and feet.

You should balance style and comfort. Choosing jeans that are looser or not wearing them for long periods of time can help prevent any negative effects on the circulatory system. Your overall health and comfort should always be a top priority when choosing your daily outfit.

What can happen if you wear jeans all day?

Gives you heartburn

Tight jeans can put pressure on the abdomen, potentially leading to increased intra-abdominal pressure, according to a July 2023 study by American scientist Richard K. Newman and colleagues.

This can force stomach acid to move up the esophagus in the wrong direction, often leading to heartburn or acid reflux. To avoid this, you should choose a waistband of jeans that fits better and is more comfortable, helping the digestive system operate smoothly without putting excessive pressure on the abdomen.

Bad posture

Many studies have shown that tight pants can deform muscles, the skeletal system and even the entire body. Jeans that are too tight will compress nerves, causing loss of sensation in the thighs, causing tingling and burning.

A 2016 study by Dr. Won-gyu Yoo (Inje University, Korea) also showed that wearing pants that restrict movement or force you into an uncomfortable position can cause poor posture, such as slouching. back and spine curvature. Over time, these habits can contribute to chronic back and neck pain.

A typical case is a 35-year-old woman in Australia in 2015. After a day of continuously squatting to pack things, she collapsed on the ground and had to cut her tight jeans off her body to breathe easier. She then spent four days in the hospital for treatment of rhabdomyolysis and lower extremity neuropathy.

Negative effects on reproductive health

Many studies also show that tight jeans can contract the pelvic area, putting pressure on the groin and reproductive organs. This can lead to reduced circulation in the pelvic area and affect the optimal functioning of the reproductive system.

For men, it can lead to problems with sperm production and fertility, while for women it causes discomfort during menstruation, vaginitis. A 2018 study from Boston University found that wearing tight jeans regularly increased women's risk of vulvodynia, a condition characterized by chronic pain in the genital area.

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