Two Eiffel towers appear in Paris together

FRANCE A new tower was built next to the Eiffel Tower, with the same design as the original, only different in height.

The second tower is 32 m high, about 1/10 of the height of more than 330 m of the "genuine" Eiffel Tower, named Eiffela. This is the idea of ​​Philippe Maindron, owner of an event company in France.

According to Maindron shared in Sortira Paris , the new tower was built on the 134th anniversary of the original construction, made from more than 3,100 metal pieces, 9,000 rivets, named Eiffela.

The new tower was completed on March 31, after a week of construction, and was transported monolithically to the Champ-de-Mars park, next to the Seine, on April 1. The purpose of erecting this tower is to bring a new experience, an unusual Paris. The tower will be located here until April 10.

Vietnamese guests take souvenir photos in front of the two towers. Photo: Pham Hong Khang

When seeing a photo of the two towers standing side by side in the newspaper, many people suspected it was a collage because it appeared on April Fools' Day. However, the work is "totally real", Nguyen Anh Lukas, a Vietnamese photographer living in Paris, confirmed to VnExpress.

Pham Hong Khang, 39 years old, director of a travel agency near Paris, "found it interesting" to take pictures with the two towers at the same time. He said the small tower cannot be "genuine" like the original, but the design is sophisticated and meticulous. "In terms of aesthetics, I feel fine. This is one of the strange photography spots for visitors to Paris on this occasion, especially when the Eiffel Tower is being repaired in time to welcome guests for the 2024 Olympics," he said.

Many visitors to Paris on this occasion went to the area of ​​the two towers to "live virtual". "The small tower looks very beautiful. It's fascinating to see two identical towers for the first time," a British tourist left a comment .

Eiffela (left) and Eiffel are next to each other in the Champ-de-Mars park. Photo: Sortira paris

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and the whole of France. This is a "must check-in" place for most first-time visitors to Paris. The work was designed by architect Gustave Eiffel and his colleagues, built between 1887 and 1889, on the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

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