6 health trends in 2024

Health trends that help people find calm, relaxation, and balance between work and life will prevail in 2024, according to experts.

Besides, many people focus on group exercise and incorporating artificial intelligence into improving physical fitness. For many countries, work-life balance is gradually becoming more important.

In one study, many people said they gravitated toward a sense of adventure and fun and prioritized rest. They want to spend time with family, calling this "the most important thing in life".

Researchers have pointed out 6 healthcare trends that could become popular in 2024, as follows:

Application of AI in exercise

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a common term in 2023 thanks to outstanding developments. AI is creeping into the health sector, including exercise. In 2024, experts predict many people will use AI to "measure body metrics such as stress levels, sleep quality, heart health, nutritional needs".

Some "smart gyms" was born, providing high-tech machines, helping to increase interaction and personalization by adjusting the device to suit the user's shape, height and physical strength. The goal is to improve exercise technique and bring quick results.

Body mass index analyzers are also becoming more popular, helping users track weight, muscle mass, fluid retention and "biological age" (aging level).

Family workout

With busy schedules, many parents ask grandparents to take care of their children for them. Meanwhile, the elderly often have high needs for exercise and health care. This gives rise to multi-generational fitness clubs or classes.

"Grandparents spend a lot of time training the younger generation, while passing on valuable skills, thereby positively impacting their own physical and mental health", health club chain David Lloyd, UK, said.

Sports such as swimming, football, badminton, and table tennis are suitable for both children, parents, and grandparents to gather together. Exercising together also increases the bond between family members.

Health is linked to the community

Research by the Office for National Statistics shows that one in 10 young people in the UK regularly feel lonely and lost. In 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) also considers loneliness as one of the public health problems that can lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

In 2024, social exercise could become a popular choice for those looking to combat loneliness. This form of training will continue to grow in both quantity and frequency.

Team sports such as handball, Padel (cage tennis), parkrun will become more popular. In particular, parkrun is a collection of free 5 km running events for walkers, runners and volunteers that takes place every Saturday morning at more than 2,000 locations in 22 countries across 6 continents.

In 2024, team sports or family-style workouts will become popular. Photo: Freepik

Practice slowly and gently

In 2023, slow exercise has become a craze on social networks. This trend encourages people to exercise in a comfortable space in a leisurely manner, thereby creating a gentler, more accessible method of training.

Similar trends will continue in 2024, highlighted by the "stacking habit". Practitioners will create small, new healthy habits, then build them slowly and consistently, to improve physical health in a simple, sustainable way.

Instead of setting "New Year's Goals" It's easy to burn yourself out too quickly. Try committing to a smaller, moderate health goal that fits your own pace of life.

Improve sleep quality

Experts from the David Lloyd Club predict sleep will become more of a priority by 2024, as more and more people have reported insomnia and sleep disorders in recent years. Research predicts people will become increasingly open to seeking help from experts and sleep coaches.

Those looking to improve their sleep quality will also learn more about new wellness techniques such as smart beds, body pillows, sonic toothpicks, hot and cold therapy, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga.

Pay attention to intestinal health

One of the key keywords for 2024 could be gut health, especially as the community better understands the relationship between the microbiome and overall health. From there, nutrition trends in 2024 are probiotics, plant-based foods, and mindful eating.

Experts also believe that the habit of eating slowly, controlling portions, and consuming consciously will become popular. Intermittent fasting is still a strong trend, but the idea is expected to expand further. For example, people do "skin fasting" (avoiding skin care on certain days), "dopamine fasting" (avoid letting the body fall into an excited state), fasting from digital screens and social networks.

According to Martin Evans, CCO of David Lloyd Club, global uncertainty and persistent negative news are clearly shaping healthcare trends in 2024 and beyond. New research shows that in the future, people will approach the concept of health promotion more calmly, mindfully and intelligently, in order to reduce daily stress levels.

More and more people are combining cardio and resistance training with comprehensive self-care routines. They recognize the importance of restorative practices such as yoga, Pilates, meditation and spas. Technology also plays an important role, because people want to exercise intelligently, with calculation and measurement.

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